Friday!  What’s on for the arts?  Tonight in Jacksonville, at coRK studio/gallery “Cube+Cubism” opening show.

Where? 2689 Rosselle Street Jacksonville, FL. 32204 (Around the corner from at 869 Stockton Street, Riverside, Five Points area.)  (Overstreet, artist featured on the cover of last week’s Folio magazine)

Why?  Because this gallery is usually closed to the public, and it is a collective of working studios in a couple warehouses on the corner of Roselle and King Street.  Go to glean incredible art energy from the participants.  Go to know what working and breathing in a creative environment feels like.   Usually I would say save your gas and put your money where your art is…but your time with this event would be an artistic  investment.

That idea leads us in to next Friday, August 2nd…An Opening Art Show at Tim’s Wine Bar on Anastasia Island.  (Last time I did an opening was last summer at Aviles Street Gallery.)  Please take a step into the shade and mark your smartphone or iPhone calenders.  Start filling an empty glass with mad money to give for a good wine tasting experience at the opening.  This is your officially unofficial invitation to take a look at another “hanging” of art in the world.

Support the arts, stay alive inside.

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