Sunday Morning at Maria Sanchez Lake

Gathering in a shady spot at the southern end of Maria Sanchez Lake yesterday morning, a group of four St. Augustine artists captured an exquisite view of the downtown skyline peeking out from behind distant tree tops. Though some were expecting high temperatures, the weather couldn’t have been more pleasant for outdoor artmaking.

Jim painted a value study of the scene with plans of glazing color back at his studio. Judy worked with colored pencils in a sketchbook while Michael and Linda painted. Little did we know what an art hub this lakeside would be, as various members of St. Augustine’s art community also strolled by and said hello.

Since this session was the last on our spring 2013 schedule, it is time again to select a new set of scenic spots to visit in the coming months. If you have any suggestions, please don’t hestitate to drop us a line.