2013 Celtic Music & Heritage Festival

Three of us helped cover our booth at the Celtic Music and Heritage Festival on March 9 and 10.   At our table and on our panel board we displayed artwork from five of our group’s participants.  Craig stopped in for a few minutes and chatted about changes within the Art Studio Group and future opportunities for figure drawing sessions.  This year’s festival was our second annual event for having a 10 x 10 booth.  We sold posters and “a chance to win” the original canvas giclee which was displayed on the easel.  All proceeds from the “chance to win” benefited the Anonymous Society of Artists to cover our yearly expenses.  Our new 8 ft. banner looks great, and we have a photo book in the works as an archive of our progress through the year.  Michael sold a painting and Scott networked another album cover design.  The weather was a bit windy and chilly Saturday but Sunday turned out beautiful.