Second Sunday at the City Gates

Calm, clear weather was enjoyed by four Anonymous Artists yesterday morning, as we completed our second visit to St. Augustine’s City Gates. While working we shared a number of helpful art tips with one another, including:

  • When drawing with oil pastels, a cylindrical “crumb brush” may be dabbed on the drawing surface to grab those tiny pellets of medium which tend to ball up.
  • Masonite/hardboard makes an excellent drawing and painting surface, but make sure you use tempered masonite which is smooth on both sides. Untempered masonite will swell if it gets wet.
  • If you’ve already painted on untempered masonite, coating the back side of the board in gesso will also lock out moisture.
  • If the ferrule (metal portion between handle and bristles) of your favorite brush has loosened from the handle, super glue will effectively lock it back in place.