Saturday evening meeting the Muppets

We celebrated the creative endeavors of Jim Henson and his supportive staff on Saturday night.  Members of the Anonymous Society of Artists, and their supportive better halves, embraced the creative process of the Muppet world with costume designs for Floyd (x2), Janice, Miss Piggy and an original sock-puppet-Muppet.  There was only one Miss Piggy in true Miss Piggy fashion.  Artistic renditions celebrated the now-gone voice of “Count Von Count,”  the famous Lou Zealand Boomerang Fish Thrower, Pepe,Elmo, and one mighty tall Big Bird.  In the spirit of respect and patronage we discussed the success and history of Elmo as a character, the political influence of Big Bird,  the drinking preference of Kermit, and the idea of getting the Band back together.  Once again we proved that art can be off-the-wall and very fun.