Revisiting the Lincolnville Community Garden

Eddie Vickers ParkDate: Sunday, March 23, 2014
Time: 9:00am
Location: Lincolnville Community Garden, 95 Cerro Street, St. Augustine, FL 32084

Local artists of all skill levels are invited to join the Anonymous Society of Artists on Sunday morning in Lincolnville for our next plein air drawing and painting session. Earlier this month we had scheduled a session there, but heavy fog that morning obscured our view. As before, we’ll meet up at 9am at the Lincolnville Community Garden, which will put us in close proximity to a few interesting painting subjects in the area including the garden, the Riberia Street boatyards and the colorfully painted homes along Duero Street.

To get to the Community Garden’s parking area, take King Street and then turn onto Riberia. Follow Riberia just about 1 mile. Near the Willie Galimore Center, turn left onto Cerro Street. Follow Cerro just a little bit and you’ll find the entrance to the Community Garden on your right marked with a sign.

Also, to keep you posted on upcoming events, next Sunday, March 30th, we’ll be heading indoors for another 3pm drawing session at DOS Coffee & Wine Bar. Then on Saturday, April 5th, we’ll be celebrating the Red Sable Art Supply Store‘s grand opening from 5pm to 8pm.