Sunday Meetup at Panera

The Anonymous Society of Artists met at the Panera Bread location at Cobblestone Village/SR312 on Sunday afternoon.  Hot soups and sandwiches were served quickly.  I had the delightful experience of a complimentary hot tea.  If we could just figure out how their free Wi-Fi works it would be perfect.

Michael worked on his new T-Shirt design for the Celtic Festival in March with a clever design of Celtic knots as bas relief embellishments for St. Augustine’s local landmarks.  Scott shared the results of an art software program which gave many effects, including soft graphite smudging.  Judy worked with water soluble graphite in her sketch book.  Lisa worked in her sketchbook with some very precise doodles from images of shiny jewelry, proving that art exercises are simply a matter of pencil to paper.  I doodled with a photo that was taken in Central Park for the Imagination vs. Logic show at the Hyppo in April.  R.B. shared his sketch book from 2005 with precise “keyhole” images of scenery in N.C. and Florida.