Our Visit to One Spark
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Yesterday marked the first day of One Spark, a one-of-a-kind event in Jacksonville in which creators in a wide variety of fields are granted the opportunity to showcase their projects and ideas in order to win a portion of a $250,000 “crowdfund.” The Anonymous Society of Artists is proud to support our own Kevin St. Onge’s as Dr. Zap, as he seeks funding to provide Science Enrichment Programs to school-age children, and also Melissa and Damon Roby, who are working to open The Red Sable Art Supply store right here in St. Augustine.

Jean and Michael dropped in on Kevin and Melissa up in Jacksonville yesterday evening and were happy to see an excellent turn out of interested voters. While we visited, Dr. Zap drew crowds with a theremin, the only musical instrument you play without touching, and Melissa’s booth was decked out with creative displays inviting visitors to make their marks.

To anyone who may be reading, we ask that you take a few moments to register to vote on BeOneSpark.com and then visit Dr. Zap and The Red Sable’s creator pages to cast your votes for their two projects. It won’t cost you anything, and it will mean a lot to Melissa and Kevin, who will be pitching their ideas now through Sunday, April 21st. Should you have any trouble voting, you may call One Spark’s help line at (904)250-0070 or email [email protected].

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