Second Sunday at North Holiday Lake

It was a gray and overcast morning with a chilly breeze ruffling our paint-out on Sunday morning.  Scott utilized a yoga mat and the gentle slope of the hill to relax into a sketcher’s position with charcoal and his paper tablet.  Judy worked with acrylic on canvas, and is awaiting her new tripod for the standing paint box set-up.  This was bold in my opinion as just last week she was exploring the theory of oils and had no regret or hesitation for embracing something brand new and unfamiliar.  So thank you, Judy, for showing such courage with changing mediums in the great outdoors.  Bonnie embraced the view with her watercolors on paper.  She shared gentle observations about how perfectly balanced the scene was with Red-winged Blackbirds singing in the thicket and the slope of the bank with foliage at the edge of the water.  This location is one of our favorites.