Join us for Art Walk at St. Augustine Family Barber


Join us on December 6th with our hosts Joe Rocco and Catherine.  Where? At the little white building with barber pole stripes located at 806 Anastasia Blvd.  Near Gypsy Cab Company and just a little ways from Grampa’s Music.

This artists’ opening will feature artwork from two co-founders of The Anonymous Society of Artists.  The collection will include Michael and Jean’s Plein Air paintings and drawings from paint-outs around St. Augustine and the town’s vicinity.  Items will be available for purchase at this location through the month of December.

If you were looking for one more good reason to join us, please note that This is Michael F. Clark’s first show and we love what he does!  This is Jean Drayovitch’s most recent art show after 8 weeks at Tim’s Wine Market.  Please come see our finished works and enjoy the retro flair at St. Augustine Family barber.