Imagination vs. Logic Show

The Anonymous Society of Artists (ASA) will soon be celebrating their second year of bringing artists together and First Friday Artwalk at the Hyppo was like a fine demo mix of what we try to do.  The ASA showed support for the fledgling art supply store, The Red Sable, which will be featured at the upcoming One Spark crowd-funding event in Jacksonville.

We met a framer.. .and, no, he does not frame houses.  Proof that just getting out and chatting brings talented people together.  And lovely to meet Asia with her beautiful creative energy.

Speaking of names, I would like to tell you about the very famous Michael Frank Plank, twin brother to Michael Frank Clark.  Only the Planks are very successful and make oodles of greenbacks-hand-over-fist by just doing doodles of the giggling daughter Molly who happens to be the twin sister of Holly.  If you want to know more about Michael Frank Plank, please google Michael Frank Clark of Saint Augustine for all the details…shhhh…we won’t tell anybody he’s the ghost artist (if there is such a thing)!

Speaking of names for the night, the best name to have was Scott.  Not only did we have our own very talented Scott Waters whose own show will be featured at the wine shop on Anastasia Island next month, we met the “other” Scott who is promoting Voxtropolis.  Silly me, I kept thinking he was saying “foxtropolis” but as far as names go that must be another story.  Curious? Check out the international artistic flair and news at the Voxtropolis website for upcoming opportunities.

Thanks to The Red Sable for this great evening of art and creative networking.  A very big thank you to all of the anonymous artists who stopped by and lingered.  Together we can make great things happen.

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