Gathering at the Sculpture Garden

Five artists settled with five different vantage points at the sculpture garden. Jim took the view overlooking Anhinga Lake, enjoying the wildlife which included: an Osprey, a “snake bird” (the lake’s namesake), and multiple jumping fish.  He chose a detailed approach with graphite to include tonal variations of the treeline with notes for ideas about approaching the color layout. Lisa preferred the view of the “Spanish Dancers” with a perspective that enhanced the dynamic bend or “worm-like” lines of the duo.

Kathleen arrived early to maximize her chance for good weather as she captured the essence of sculpture and landscape with her precise watercolor technique. Michael settled his folding chair on the sidewalk and rendered the diminishing perspective of the winding path with oil crayons. Jean made it with a sketchbook and oil crayons but no time to establish a meaningful viewpoint before the rain showers dampened the paper.  We enjoyed this location and were pleasantly surprised by the calm mood in spite of its proximity to the roadway. Same place next week!