Gathering at Panera

Sunday we met at a new location, Panera Bread. Since Hyppo has changed their hours we openly discussed options for a new meeting space that would have WiFi, adequate lighting and tables for seating. We had the good company of Sequoia and a gentle hearted Q&A session to meet her goals for a class project with Flagler College. Many of our participants have projects in the works so we had lots to chat about from past to present.

Lisa is collaborating with a photographer and her new model who is a re-enactor. Michael is working on some final graphics with the Romanza poster and a new T-shirt design for the Celtic Festival. Scott talked about the software program Artrage and its capabilities.  Bonnie worked diligently with graphite in her sketchbook.  I shared some footnotes from the Town Hall meeting at the Florida Theater for One Spark event in April. We all agreed it would be great to have The Red Sable art supply store open and an option for our meeting location.

Join us next week for a plein air session at the Mission grounds.  Check our Google calendar for upcoming events.  February and March are a bit busy. Check out the artwork of New Jersey-based artist Anne Kullaf for inspiration.