First Sunday at North Holiday Lake

After the usual pattern of weekend April Showers we finally got a break in weather for a beautiful paint-out on Sunday morning.  Participants who joined us at the lake were: Jim, Judy, Bonnie, Jean and Michael.  The overcast skies kept the glare to a minimum and the temperature agreeable.  Michael arrived at 8:30 a.m. which gave him a nice lead time on his work with canvas.  Judy engineered a superb set-up using an artist’s box and tripod from a camera.   Michael shared some of his own tripod history with troubles and solutions.  Jim has been busy with his paintings at P.A.S.T.A gallery and needed to head back to his own studio with enough time for family play-date.  Bonnie worked quietly and shared a photo of her submission to the 450th Mosaic Project.  Those of us who participated with the Ancient City Mosaic project all agreed that Jennifer who is the art coordinator is doing an amazing job.  At the end of our paint-out session, Melissa Roby joined us to record our artist’s feedback about why it would be important to have a high quality art supply store locally which would offer supplies, space, and supportive opportunities to complete our own projects.  As artists, it is always wonderful to feel that our ideas are important and we may make a difference in the community.  Please join us for all posted events.  The Anonymous Society of Artists does not charge a membership fee.