This festival has been happening sometime every summer for the past 13 years.  This year’s summer event is on Saturday June 4, 2011!

Hard to believe, but it’s true!  And we couldn’t have continued this far, or grown so much, without the help and participation from all our vendors, organizers, and volunteers.  Many thanks to you all!

How it all began…    In 1998, Marianne Campbell had had enough of regulations and high fees keeping a lot of local women artists and crafters out of shows and galleries.  She decided with the help of her friend Malorie Shannon to hold a small event right in her own driveway… it was the beginning of a much-needed and welcome tradition.  Now, over 60 women from the northeast Florida area participate each year, and we added the first ever Holiday Festival in December 2007.

This venue is for emerging women artists and crafters who might not otherwise exhibit their work due to strict regulations, exorbitant fees, travel expenses, and/or sometimes, just a lack of confidence in their work.  Many professional artists started out at this show and are now participating in trade shows across the nation, and making a living from what they love.

We provide the spaces, website, and marketing – all the vendors need is their tables, chairs, and displays for their work … and a smile!  If setting up in the parking area – there is also a need for a tent as the event is rain or shine.  Each year brings something new and interesting to be seen and experienced.

Come on out, bring your friends and family.
We’ll see you at the beach!

LaDonna Eastman
Event Organizer

Malorie Shannon and Marianne Campbell
Event Founders

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