Drawing session at the Hyppo, Sunday January 6th

We met to discuss some of our favorite artists and personal inspirations.  Bonnie brought two books about artists, one with a similar style to Kandinsky.  She also shared Jamie Wyeth’s renditions of the seven deadly sins depicted in the life habits of seagulls.  The original show by Jamie Wyeth was purchased in its entirety by a private collector.

Jim Christley shared his favorite painter book and the simplistic yet deliberate brush strokes which each rendered a realistic rendition of subject matter.  Michael worked on a pencil illustration from a photo on his iPad.  He shared his family’s influence and inspiration with supportive ideas for our group goals this year.  Jim did a sketch of the popular Hippo skull on display.  Scott worked with the ArtRage app on his iPad.  It was comfortable and relaxed.  We lingered for about an hour and half.