Drawing at the Hyppo

With it’s floor to ceiling windows, large chairs and sofas, varied tables and option for booths, the Hyppo at 312 has become an easy place for any artist to settle and draw.  Menu options range from soups, sandwiches, teas, coffee, and gourmet Popsicle flavors so that you could spend a little money on a nibble or more on a meal.  And if you just want to sit with your group and sip water there is no pressure to consume more.

This Sunday was one of our best artist gatherings at the Hyppo.  Bonnie discussed her deadline for the Sketchbook Project 1/31/2013 and shared the drawings in her book.  Judy did a composite of drawings from still life subjects right on the table top and shared that spacial exercises for drawing shapes really helps her process. Using a tip she received from Lisa O’Neil who studied in Florence, Italy.  Michael was inspired by his daughter’s frolics in her new sandbox and he worked from a photo of that.

We discussed how necessary it is to have a supportive environment while drawing in a group.  We each shared how vulnerable one can feel with having a very personal creative process exposed to someone else’s eyes.  There is risk for criticism.   I would like to give a very warm welcome to Bonnie as she is fresh to our mix.